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We put great care and effort to bring a unique experience with each drink that is created

The bubble tea experience is a journey through the senses which should be enjoyed by everyone.

From an assortment of teas, to the selection of milk and creams, Pao Pao Cha brings a unique range of flavoured bubble tea. Each drink is crafted to be different from your average bubble tea. Come try our selection of bubble tea, milk tea, coffees and slush today.

Richmond Hill Bubble Tea

The most widely accepted story of the first bubble tea comes from a teahouse in Taiwan. It is said that in 1986, a teahouse owner became inspired when he saw little tapioca balls soaking delicately in a tub of water. Fascinated, he began to experiment with different ingredients such as milk, tea, tapioca, fruits and candied yams to create a uniquely sweet dessert-styled drink.

Originally, white tapioca balls that resembled oyster pearls were used in the production of the first bubble tea drinks, giving it the name “Pearl Milk Tea.” As time went on, these “pearls” were soaked in brown sugar to develop a sweeter taste which turned the colour black and is now the more popular version of the tapioca balls you see today.

Starting from its humble beginnings in Taiwan, today, bubble tea has evolved into a worldwide phenomenon and is now a popular drink enjoyed by many people around the world. The popularization of this beloved drink has now flowed into communities such as Toronto, Markham, Richmond Hill and Mississauga.

At Pao Pao Cha, the spirit of bubble tea lives on at our Markham location, as we constantly tinker and experiment with many different ingredients and flavours to bring new recipies to the table.

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